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My Kyaari
My Kyaari is a group of enthusiast youth, concern and working in bringing nature close to every human. We strongly believe that humans and plants are equally dependent on each other and we should make our space green and clean through our vision of bringing nature close to everyone.
My Kyaari aims to bring Natural Products ( such as plant-related) to every individual and focuses on reducing the carbon footprint. As well, we provide a better gardening experience to all plant lovers at the most affordable and efficient cost.
Every product at My Kyaari is groomed under the care of experts with love.


We at My Kyaari care about your home and plants, to which we know that it is sometimes tough to handle the plants the way you want them looking at same we offer to provide you Maali ( Gardener ) for the daily care of your plants on a subscription basis,

Kitchen Garden

In this situation of unhygienic living where everything is becoming infected or chemically driven, we are moving towards organic or self-grown fresh.
We at My Kyaari love to be part of your family and to help you in growing our own veggies.
We provide you the suitable seeds, plants, and atmosphere to grow veggies in your garden,

Vertical Garden

Green is beautiful !!
We at My Kyaari believe in bringing nature close to you and so we provide you with a vertical garden that gives you a soothing experience around you. and the plants which suit to be vertically hanged and with less care required.